Kevin Nash Reveals Scott Hall's Disdain for AEW Star in WWE

Wrestling Legends Unpack Past WWE Controversies on Podcast

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Nash Reveals Scott Hall's Disdain for AEW Star in WWE
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In a revealing episode of the "Kliq This" podcast, wrestling icon Kevin Nash delved into the past, shedding light on why his comrade Scott Hall was resistant to working with Dustin Rhodes, known to WWE fans as Goldust, during their time in WWE.

This reluctance stemmed not from personal animosity, but from Hall’s concerns over the provocative portrayal of Goldust's character. The Goldust persona, a sharp departure from Rhodes' previous "Grandson of a Plumber" gimmick, was notorious for its boundary-pushing presentation, which included Indecent and erotically suggestive behavior.

This was especially jarring in the mid-90s, a period when such portrayals were not as widely accepted or understood as they are through the modern lens of 2023.

Hall's Paternal Concerns

Kevin Nash provided context to Hall's predicament, stating, "Scott, who wasn't a homophobe, just didn't want to explain the complex nature of Goldust's character to his young child." It is critical to note that Hall's discomfort was not rooted in bigotry, but in a father’s hesitation to introduce his 5-year-old to the concept of prematurely, as he explained to Vince McMahon at the time.

Hall's imminent exit from WWE in 1996 ultimately led to the infamous moment where he rebuffed Goldust's attempts at collaboration, candidly advising him to 'go f**k himself', thus evading a potentially controversial WrestleMania encounter.

In contemporary wrestling news, Kevin Nash also commented on a recent AEW segment that has stirred up its own controversy. The feud between MJF and the Bullet Club's Juice Robinson intensified on "Title Tuesday" when Robinson's threat to MJF with a roll of quarters was construed by some as insensitive, given MJF’s Jewish heritage and the tense historical context it evoked.

Despite the roll of quarters being a hallmark of Robinson's act since his AEW inception, the segment's perceived insensitivity has been a topic of much discussion. This peek behind the curtain of wrestling's storied past, along with insights into its current narratives, offers fans a nuanced understanding of the performers' perspectives and the evolving sensibilities of the sport’s storytelling.

As the industry moves forward, such reflections and discourses are integral to its growth and the inclusive entertainment it strives to offer.

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