Ex-WWE Star Rumored for Crown Jewel Comeback


Ex-WWE Star Rumored for Crown Jewel Comeback
Ex-WWE Star Rumored for Crown Jewel Comeback © WWE/YouTube

Wrestling fans, brace yourselves—rumours are heating up that Kairi Sane, the illustrious former WWE star, is on the verge of a grand return to the company that catapulted her to fame. Reliable sources are abuzz with anticipation that Sane, who last graced the WWE universe in 2020, has been quietly added to the organization's internal roster, igniting speculation of her imminent TV comeback.

Insider reports, particularly from esteemed wrestling journalist Mike Johnson of PWInsider, suggest Sane's resurgence could dazzle fans as soon as the upcoming Crown Jewel event on November 4th. This speculation has been further fortified by Fightful Select's corroborative revelations, indicating that Sane is not only stateside but is slated for appearances with WWE in the coming weeks.

It's understood from industry circles that WWE has earmarked Sane's re-signing as a strategic imperative. Conversations surrounding a potential deal began circulating in 2022, and the company has actively pursued several creative pitches to ensure her return is as impactful as the waves she made during her tenure.

Grayson Waller's Mystery Exit

Adding to the speculation, reports have emerged about Grayson Waller's unexpected withdrawal from recent live events, fueling discussions that he, too, maybe a surprise addition to the Crown Jewel lineup—a development that fans watch with bated breath.

Reflecting on her storied past, Kairi Sane's journey with WWE has been remarkable. From her stellar debut in the inaugural Mae Young Classic to her triumphs as NXT Women's Champion and one-half of the Women's Tag Team Champions with Asuka, Sane has been a beacon of athleticism and artistry.

After her departure and subsequent role as a WWE ambassador in Japan, Sane remained in the spotlight, capturing attention as the first-ever IWGP Women's Champion—a title she held until Mercedes Mone claimed it. As the wrestling community buzzes with the prospects of her return, it's clear that Kairi Sane's legacy within WWE will welcome a thrilling new chapter.

Stay tuned as the seas of the WWE landscape are poised for the return of their beloved Pirate Princess, setting the stage for what could be a historic re-emergence at Crown Jewel.

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