Becky Lynch and Beth Phoenix Continue Fight on Twitter

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Becky Lynch and Beth Phoenix Continue Fight on Twitter

Over the past month, Becky Lynch has been involved in a Twitter war with Edge and Beth Phoenix. Edge and Beth are a couple and are WWE Hall of Famers. Becky is the current RAW Women’s Champion. During the war, Lynch stated that she is romantically involved with Seth Rollins.

It all started when Beth made a parenthood joke on Twitter. Becky replied to the comment by saying, “We really need to get one of you two out of that retirement village you're living in." Edge responded to this by writing: "Aw Becks this whole Twitter thing with me didn't work out well for ya last time.

Are you and the boy toy that bored with WWE creative? I mean granted we would make it WAY more exciting, but if you're that good, ya shouldn't need us." Lynch asked why doesn’t Edge let her wife respond to that tweet by writing, “Can't your wife talk for herself? Actually, I listened to NXT commentary, clearly not” Beth then stated that she would improve her commentary whereas Becky would never be able to lace her boots.

Becky then challenged Beth and told her to “come find” her and to “Put” her “kids to bed, kiss” her “frail husband goodbye” Becky then took a shot at Edge’s attempt to boost WWE ratings with having a romantic relationship with Lita when Edge called Becky a rating jugger-not.