Brock Lesnar Almost-Bout with Former WWE Announcer

John Cena Lauds Brock Lesnar's Wrestling Acumen and Character.

by Noman Rasool
Brock Lesnar Almost-Bout with Former WWE Announcer
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In a stunning revelation during a recent Reddit Q&A, former WWE commentator and wrestler Mace, once known as Dio Maddin, divulged that his confrontation with Brock Lesnar on the November 4, 2019, edition of WWE Raw nearly escalated to an official match.

Mace, who stood up to Lesnar's intimidating inquiry about Rey Mysterio's whereabouts, suffered a brutal F5 through the commentary table—a moment that fans thought would ignite a feud. However, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon opted for a different storyline trajectory, leaving audiences to ponder what might have been.

Initially informed he would return to commentary the following week, Mace was instead instructed to "sell" the injury, leading to repeated delays and ultimately a shift in his role. Mace's social media activity post-incident, particularly a photo shared with Lesnar, was a plea to remain in the limelight.

"The tweet was me desperately trying to not get sent back to the PC [Performance Center] like Mufasa falling to his death," Mace explained. Although a match was proposed, McMahon felt it could confuse viewers unfamiliar with Mace's wrestling capabilities.

Later, Mace was told his imposing stature was too dominant for a commentator's position, and while he anticipated a significant push in the ring, the direction never materialized.

Cena Praises Lesnar

In a separate narrative, wrestling icon John Cena shared his admiration for Lesnar, his peer in age and career trajectory.

Speaking on a WWE YouTube video, Cena commended Lesnar's underrated prowess in the ring and his candid nature outside of it. "I love Brock," Cena declared, acknowledging their shared journey from rookies in 2002 to becoming titans of the sport.

He praised Lesnar for his straightforwardness and expressed mutual respect and support for their respective paths to success. The scrapped match between Mace and Lesnar is a testament to the unpredictable nature of WWE's storytelling and the ever-changing plans behind the scenes.

While the match never came to fruition, the incident remains a significant moment in both performers' careers and a fascinating 'what-if' for WWE history.

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