Tommy Dreamer on Jon Moxley Reinvention

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Tommy Dreamer on Jon Moxley Reinvention

Many wrestlers are forced to reinvent themselves to stay famous. Wrestling fans need something new from their favorite wrestlers once in a while. Otherwise, wrestling fans lose interest in their favorite wrestler, and the wrestler loses a huge part of his/her fan base.

Only a few really talented wrestlers in the world are able to reinvent themselves. Many wrestlers spend years perfecting their gimmick and it is hard for them to make radical changes, even if required by the promotion or the fans.

Tommy Dreamer is a veteran professional wrestler. He is no longer a very active wrestler, but he is a producer and helps other wrestling promotions organize events. Dreamer was on the Busted Open Radio where he spoke about Jon Moxley, who was previously known as Dean Ambrose.

He praised Jon for doing so well in the WWE, and also stated that Jon had reinvented himself. "I wrestled him before he went to WWE. He has a lot of ECW influence," Dreamer explained. "(His) promos are phenomenal.

He just went to WWE from NXT to the main roster and he just excelled. He has an amazing fan base. New Japan has a show in July (G1 in Dallas), they are trying to bring their stuff to a bigger audience, and what a great way to do it than with a guy that is as identifiable as Moxley." "Jon Moxley really has reinvented himself,” Dreamer said.