Ex-WWE Referee Marty Elias Reflects in Awe on His Role in a Legendary Match

Marty Elias reminisces on a career-defining WrestleMania moment.

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Referee Marty Elias Reflects in Awe on His Role in a Legendary Match
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As WWE fans recount the electric atmosphere at WrestleMania 25, where The Undertaker clashed with Shawn Michaels, the spectacle remains a touchstone of wrestling excellence. Marty Elias, the third man in the ring, continues to marvel at his critical part in orchestrating that historic encounter in Arlington, Texas, which, even after nearly 16 years, still captivates enthusiasts of the sport.

Speaking with "Busted Open Radio," Elias recounted the enduring awe he experiences. "Even later, it's the highlight people are eager to discuss when they learn of my involvement. 'What was it like to be part of that magic?' they ask.

And honestly, it was just that — magical," Elias shared. His rare reviews of the match reinforce his belief that it remains in a league of its own.

Referee Admits Bout Perfection

"The precision of that bout was unparalleled," Elias enthused.

Despite his tendency to critique his performance rigorously, he concedes that no misstep tarnished the near-perfect synergy shared by the trio during that epic half-hour showdown. "My connection with The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels has etched my name in the annals of WWE history, and for that, I am eternally thankful.

It's a testament to the dedication we all brought to the ring," he reflected. Away from the spotlight, Elias has taken the lessons learned from that night to heart, often speaking on the importance of focus and adaptability under pressure — traits that he's carried into his post-WWE endeavours.

His journey underscores the belief that the referee's role is as pivotal to the dance of a wrestling match as the superstars themselves. Fans and industry insiders continue to laud the match as a benchmark for storytelling and in-ring craftsmanship, a testament to Elias's assertion that diligent effort yields legendary results.

As WrestleMania moments are relived and revered, Marty Elias's contributions to that unforgettable night affirm that it takes three to create a performance for the ages. For WWE fans and newcomers discovering the lore of WrestleMania 25, the about remains an enduring showcase of the pinnacle of wrestling performance, where every participant played their part to perfection — a symphony orchestrated by two of the greats, with Marty Elias as the consummate conductor.

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