Nick Aldis: X-Pac's Cool Impact on Wrestling Unsung

SmackDown Welcomes Veteran Nick Aldis as New General Manager

by Noman Rasool
Nick Aldis: X-Pac's Cool Impact on Wrestling Unsung
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The WWE landscape has been stirred with the recent appointment of Nick Aldis as the General Manager of SmackDown, bringing a seasoned vigor to the blue brand's helm. A celebrated figure in the realm of professional wrestling, Aldis's journey through the sport's echelons—from gracing the rings of Ring of Honor to seizing gold in the NWA—has equipped him with an expansive vision for his new role.

Gracing the airwaves on the After The Bell podcast, the English wrestling maestro didn't hesitate to share his reverence for the pioneers of wrestling's 'cool factor,' among whom he counts WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac. In a heartfelt nod, Aldis pointed out the underappreciated legacy of X-Pac (Sean Waltman), whom he credits with infusing a suave persona into the iconic D-Generation-X faction.

Reflecting on his school days, Aldis recalls X-Pac being the epitome of wrestling coolness—a sentiment he feels hasn't been fully recognized in the industry.

Aldis Emulates Hart's Cool

Aldis's admiration doesn't halt there; he aspires to channel the effortless allure and in-ring proficiency reminiscent of another WWE Hall of Famer, Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Aldis elucidates his childhood impression of Hart as the quintessence of cool—admired by fans and peers alike, contrasting sharply with his perception of Hulk Hogan's star power, which to him, lacked the same charisma.

As the new General Manager, Aldis is poised to infuse SmackDown with his unique blend of respect for tradition and progressive outlook. In keeping with his admiration for legends like Hart, he aims to elevate the show's cool quotient while ensuring that it continues to charm audiences worldwide.

His blueprint for SmackDown's future involves a commitment to celebrating the sport's heritage while steering it towards new horizons. WWE fans are buzzing with anticipation to witness how Aldis will transpose his respect for the industry's storied past into a dynamic vision for its future.

As SmackDown sails under Aldis's experienced captaincy, the WWE Universe can expect a fresh yet familiar wave of excitement to wash over the brand.

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