Seth Rollins Acknowledges Will Ospreay Attention to Crown Jewel Match

WWE's interest in Ospreay sparks intense industry speculation.

by Atia Mukhtar
Seth Rollins Acknowledges Will Ospreay Attention to Crown Jewel Match
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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, rivalries and alliances are as shifting as the tides, but the undercurrents of respect often thread long and deep. World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and NJPW's IWGP UK Champion Will Ospreay's rapport, once fraught with Twitter barbs, has matured into a fascinating narrative that has the wrestling community abuzz.

Their online rivalry, which ignited in 2019 after Rollins touted WWE as the pinnacle of wrestling while simultaneously flaunting his financial and physical prowess—even with a broken back—has evolved into a tantalizing possibility.

Ospreay, in a candid conversation with Metro, expressed a renewed openness to crossing the pond and stepping into Rollins' ring, igniting speculation and excitement about a potential feud that would blend styles and fanbases.

"The Seth thing does intrigue me quite a lot," Ospreay stated. His conviction in his own abilities, matched against Rollins' claim to be the best in the world, sets the stage for a confrontation ripe with potential. He further hinted at a personal readiness for major career moves, revealing discussions with loved ones about possibly relocating to the United States, hinting at a shift in priorities as the wrestler contemplates his future in an industry known for its gruelling demands on the body.

WWE Eyes Ospreay

The Wrestling Observer has added fuel to the fire, reporting that WWE's interest in Ospreay is far from casual. With WWE reportedly ready to extend a listening ear—and potentially a contract—Ospreay's future is a Crazy topic of speculation.

His prowess is not lost on AEW either, where he has appeared as a special attraction wrestler, showcasing his talent most recently at All In PPV against Chris Jericho. In the aftermath of Rollins' victorious encounter with Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel, where he successfully defended his title amidst the chaos of an attempted Money In The Bank cash-in, Ospreay's one-eyed tweet—featuring a pair of eyes emoji—has added another layer to their unfolding saga.

Rollins' response, "The water is warm," suggests an inviting, if not slightly audacious, welcome to Ospreay to join WWE's turbulent waters.

Rollins' victory and subsequent online interaction with Ospreay have only heightened the anticipation of what could become one of the most intriguing cross-promotional narratives in modern wrestling.

As Ospreay's NJPW contract nears its end in February 2024, the industry watches with bated breath to see where his next chapter will unfold. With WWE's apparent eagerness to bring Ospreay into the fold, fans are left to wonder: will Ospreay take Rollins up on his tempting invitation? Only time will tell if these two titans will clash in the WWE arena, but one thing is certain—the wrestling world is watching.

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