Seth Rollins Teases Involvement in New Captain America Movie


Seth Rollins Teases Involvement in New Captain America Movie
Seth Rollins Teases Involvement in New Captain America Movie © WWE2K23/Twitter

World Wrestling Entertainment's renowned champion, Seth Rollins, is on the verge of adding a new title to his repertoire: Marvel movie star. Known in the ring as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Rollins is branching out into the cinematic universe, landing a role in the eagerly anticipated "Captain America: Brave New World," previously referred to as "Captain America: New World Order." While the details of his character remain shrouded in mystery, Rollins has confirmed he will portray a villain in the superhero saga.

During a recent segment on the culinary web show "Mythical Kitchen," Rollins discussed his new venture, albeit with restraint. The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike has placed limitations on actors' promotional activities, but this did not prevent Rollins from sharing his excitement about the role.

The professional wrestler hinted at embodying a character that fans might recognize and expressed his enjoyment of the film production process despite his relatively nascent acting chops.

Seth Rollins' Hollywood Transition

As Rollins ventured beyond the wrestling world, he opened up about the transition, "I think our audience is going to love it.

I think their audience is going to love it," he confidently proclaimed. With a career that's been firmly rooted in the squared circle for two decades, the 38-year-old superstar reflected on his journey, "Outside of wrestling, I've only ever worked in unremarkable jobs in my early 20s—nothing like the world of Hollywood." Confronting the challenges of a new industry, Rollins admitted to the nerves that come with stepping out of one's comfort zone.

"But I was in good hands," he assured, speaking to the support he received on set. His anticipation is palpable as he awaits the audience's reaction, "It was a really fun experience, and I'm excited to see how it turns out, and hopefully, everybody doesn't hate me.

I've done my best." With his charismatic presence and legion of fans from the WWE universe, Rollins' crossover into film is generating buzz and anticipation for his silver screen debut. As "Captain America: Brave New World" approaches its release, audiences are keen to see how Rollins will translate his wrestling prowess into a cinematic spectacle.

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