WWE's Prichard: NWA Elders Resisted Terry Funk as Champ

Terry Funk's enduring impact remembered in wrestling history.

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Prichard: NWA Elders Resisted Terry Funk as Champ
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In the recent episode of "Something To Wrestle," Bruce Prichard, a longstanding figure in the wrestling industry, paid tribute to the late Terry Funk, a pioneer in the ring who left an indelible mark on the sport. Prichard, hailing from the same Texas wrestling roots as Funk, articulated how Funk's innovative style was instrumental in shaping the signature approach of WWE's in-ring action.

Prichard explained that during Funk's tenure as the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, he faced pushback from the NWA's old guard. "The stalwarts of NWA, who preferred their wrestling traditional, saw Terry as too unpredictable and outlandish for the championship," Prichard shared.

Despite their reservations, Funk's dynamic performances were ahead of their time, predating and influencing the style later popularized by WWE.

Funk's WWF Transition

Funk's career took him to WWF (now WWE) in the 1980s, a move some critics saw as a step into the twilight of his career.

Prichard strongly disagreed with this view, noting that Funk's "crazy" persona was, in fact, slightly reined in to align with WWF's then more family-friendly image. "He was Terry Funk, and that larger-than-life persona found a home on a grander stage, reaching a broader audience than ever before," Prichard remarked, emphasizing the significant exposure Funk gained.

Terry Funk's legacy, however, extends beyond the ring's ropes. Passing away at 79 in August after a valiant struggle with dementia, Funk's contributions to the sport endured through his periods of ill health. His innovative style and unrelenting spirit have left a lasting legacy in professional wrestling.

As this story circulates on prominent platforms like MSN and Google News, it not only honours Funk's memory but also serves as a reminder of his revolutionary impact on professional wrestling's evolution. For fans old and new, Terry Funk's legacy is a testament to the spirit of innovation within the sport.

Fans and industry veterans alike continue to remember Funk for his authenticity and pioneering spirit that helped reshape professional wrestling into the dynamic entertainment spectacle it is today.

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