Logan Paul Eyes Match with Music Star After US Title Win

WWE's newest champ, Logan Paul, eyes a fresh rivalry.

by Noman Rasool
Logan Paul Eyes Match with Music Star After US Title Win
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In a remarkable feat at WWE's Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul, the social media titan turned wrestling phenom, secured the United States Championship, defeating the legendary Rey Mysterio. Not one to rest on his laurels, Paul promptly stirred the pot by teasing a potential clash with music megastar Bad Bunny.

The suggestion of this star-studded encounter came during a post-victory ESPN interview with Marc Raimondi, where Paul was queried on the prospect of tangling with the 29-year-old Puerto Rican sensation in the squared circle.

"He's a good [wrestler], but he's scrawny, man. I'm pushing 250. Yo, that's the crazy thing. I am in the 2K23, he has the same rating as me. So maybe I don't know anything. Maybe we're the same. Maybe we gotta settle this in the ring," Paul asserted, simultaneously questioning and acknowledging the parity suggested by their equal ratings in WWE 2K23.

Paul Teases Bunny Match

Paul's jest about Bunny's stature thinly veiled a challenge, pitting the 'King of Latin Trap's' agility against his own formidable presence. Yet, the digital arena's equal footing has Paul pondering a real-world test of prowess.

While playfully mocking, Paul also didn't shy away from lauding Bunny's musical genius, admitting to being among the millions who vibe to his tracks. The potential matchup between Paul and Bunny, both part-timers in WWE's spectacle, tantalizes with its promise of an epic crossover.

Their social media clout alone positions WWE to cash in on a veritable bonanza should this bout materialize. Paul, ready to throw down the gauntlet, has deferred to WWE's executive, Triple H, to bring this blockbuster vision to life.

Meanwhile, he sent a robust message to Bad Bunny: stay sharp, as 'The Maverick' could prove a formidable adversary. As the WWE Universe buzzes with speculation, we turn to you, the fans. What's your take on Logan Paul throwing down the challenge to Bad Bunny? Could this be the next big headline-grabbing event in the wrestling world? Share your thoughts and stay tuned as this story develops.

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