Top Reasons Why John Cena Should Remain in the WWE Ring

WWE Universe Stunned by Cena's Upset at Crown Jewel.

by Noman Rasool
Top Reasons Why John Cena Should Remain in the WWE Ring
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In a turn of events that left fans and commentators alike reeling, WWE legend John Cena suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of the rising star Solo Sikoa during the Crown Jewel 2023 event. The outcome, which saw Sikoa assert his dominance over Cena, cast a shadow of uncertainty over the 16-time World Champion's future in the WWE.

Post-match, Cena was visibly disheartened, a sentiment echoed by the WWE Universe with a heartfelt standing ovation, sparking speculation about his potential retirement. However, before any conclusions are drawn about Cena’s departure, there are crucial points to consider about why WWE's franchise player should not yet hang up his boots.

Cena, who made his dramatic return to WWE earlier in September, reigniting a storied rivalry with The Bloodline, had openly expressed his determination to shatter a personal losing streak in single's competition that has spanned over 2,000 days.

This distressing record stands in stark contrast to the otherwise stellar accomplishments of his illustrious career, including his last solo victory at the Greatest Royal Rumble in 2018 against Triple H. Cena's current narrative is one of redemption, and it is only fitting that WWE orchestrates a proper conclusion to this saga before he considers retirement.

Cena's Unmatched Legacy

Moreover, Cena's legacy as one of WWE's most prominent figures is unparalleled. His tenure in the squared circle has seen him clash with icons like The Undertaker, Triple H, and The Rock, cementing his status as a generational talent.

A talent of Cena’s caliber deserves a retirement match that commemorates his monumental career, something that fans agree is yet to materialize. Finally, Cena's pursuit of an unprecedented 17th World Championship reign remains a tantalizing prospect.

Tied with the legendary Ric Flair, capturing the title just one more time would elevate Cena to a standalone pinnacle in professional wrestling history. His last bid for the championship against Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2021 fell short, leaving this milestone within tantalizing reach.

Cena's quest for the record-breaking championship win would not only redefine his legacy but also offer a historic moment that could resonate for generations. In summary, John Cena's time in WWE may be entering its twilight, but the narrative threads woven throughout his storied career demand a fitting climax.

Whether it's redefining his legacy, setting a new championship record, or receiving a send-off befitting a legend, Cena's final chapter in WWE is one that should be penned with careful consideration and respect for one of wrestling's greatest icons.

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