Erick Rowan Recalls His Most Enjoyable Wrestling Moments


Erick Rowan Recalls His Most Enjoyable Wrestling Moments
Erick Rowan Recalls His Most Enjoyable Wrestling Moments © WWE/YouTube

In a candid sit-down with Chris Van Vliet for "Insight," Erick Rowan delved into the zeniths of his two-decade-long wrestling odyssey, pinpointing the memories he cherishes the most. Rowan, a formidable figure in the wrestling arena, has experienced a kaleidoscope of highlights, but it was his unexpected triumph over Roman Reigns at WWE's Clash of Champions 2019 that stands out in his storied journey.

Yet, the true pinnacle for Rowan wasn't just the victory—it was the unforeseen return of his long-time ally, Luke Harper, that elevated the moment. Harper's comeback wasn't just for the thrill of the audience; it signaled a poignant, albeit brief, reunion in the ring for the duo, something Rowan cites as a deeply personal and gratifying period in his professional career.

The reunion with Harper, real name Jon Huber, wasn't just a fleeting encounter. It was the precursor to what Rowan emphasizes as the most exhilarating phase of his wrestling tenure. "Those last few weeks we had together was probably the most fun I've ever had wrestling," Rowan reflected, underscoring the genuine bond they shared as teammates.

WrestleMania Triumph Recalled

At the heart of Rowan's cherished memories lies their triumphant capture of the tag team belts at WrestleMania 34—an accolade that represents a career milestone for the wrestler. This victory not only secured their legacy as a dominant pair in the tag team division but also marked a high point in Rowan's career highlights reel.

The reverberations of Rowan's Clash of Champions victory were felt beyond that night. It positioned him as one of the last athletes to pin Reigns, WWE's undisputed heavyweight, before Reigns embarked on an exceptional title run that has defined the current era of WWE.

This reign was briefly interrupted by Jey Uso at Money in the Bank 2023, a testament to the unpredictable nature of the sport. Rowan's retrospective on his most thrilling moments in wrestling provides a lens into the emotional fabric of the sport—where triumphs are often woven with personal bonds and unexpected turns.

His revelations are a reminder of the electric unpredictability that keeps the world of wrestling pulsating with excitement, both for its stars and the fans that follow every slam in the ring.

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