Logan Paul Slams 'Scrawny' Bad Bunny in WWE US Title Feud

WWE's Logan Paul makes headlines with a bold challenge.

by Noman Rasool
Logan Paul Slams 'Scrawny' Bad Bunny in WWE US Title Feud
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In a spectacular return to the WWE arena at Crown Jewel, internet sensation Logan Paul secured his first championship by defeating the legendary Rey Mysterio for the United States Title. The match saw its share of controversy when one of Paul’s associates attempted to intervene with brass knuckles.

Despite interference being thwarted by Santos Escobar, Paul managed to utilize the brass knuckles, securing a victory over Mysterio and claiming the coveted gold. In the aftermath of his triumph, Logan Paul didn't rest on his laurels.

In an interview with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, the conversation quickly shifted to a potential face-off with Bad Bunny, the music megastar who has also made waves in the wrestling world. When asked about the probability of going toe-to-toe with the musician in the ring, Paul confidently issued a challenge, his bravado on full display.

“Triple H can call the shots, but let me put it straight — Mr. Bunny would not want to deal with me in the squared circle. In my world, bunnies are just breakfast,” Paul quipped, never one to shy away from bold imagery.

“Sure, the guy’s got talent, his music’s on my playlist, and he’s a top-notch performer. But when it comes to wrestling, he’s on the lighter side, while I’m tipping the scales at 250”.

Ratings Spur Challenge

Paul expressed his bemusement at their equal ranking in the latest edition of WWE 2K23, suggesting that the only way to prove who's superior is to settle their score with a match. “Our ratings match in the virtual world, but let's see how it plays out in the ring," he added.

Bad Bunny last showcased his wrestling skills in May 2023 at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico, where he clinched a significant victory against Damian Priest of The Judgment Day. With both celebrities now having tasted success in WWE, a showdown seems not only inevitable but necessary to determine the true crossover champion.

This brewing rivalry is not just a clash of two worlds but a cultural phenomenon, merging the high-octane energy of professional wrestling with the global appeal of contemporary music. As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await to see if this challenge will morph from verbal jabs to physical showdowns inside the wrestling ring.

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