Why Big E Shift From Wrestler to Wrestling Fan?

Exploring Big E's Vital Role Beyond the Wrestling Ring.

by Atia Mukhtar
Why Big E Shift From Wrestler to Wrestling Fan?
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Amidst speculations about his return to the squared circle, Big E, a name synonymous with WWE glory, has transformed his recuperation period into an opportunity to rediscover his love for wrestling from a fan's perspective.

His candid dialogue on "Busted Open Radio" shed light on how his severe neck injury from March last year has offered him a rare chance to step off the wrestler's 'hamster wheel' and become an observer of the sport he has dominated.

"For the longest time, I was consumed by thoughts of my position and progression in the WWE hierarchy," Big E revealed. "Now, sidelined, I've been afforded a precious moment to truly appreciate the sport as a devotee rather than as a competitor."

Big E's Scouting Commitment

While the former WWE Champion acknowledges the swift changes within the roster, he has not distanced himself entirely from the industry's pulse.

He's kept abreast of the latest talents, participating in the scouting of new wrestlers through the WWE's NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) program. "It's not just about being in the ring. I want to ensure that the industry which has given me so much continues to thrive long into the future," he expressed, signaling his commitment to wrestling's enduring legacy.

His connection to the sport is further enriched by the active engagement of his New Day allies, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, who have delved into "WWE NXT" to mentor the up-and-comers. For Big E, the satisfaction extends beyond NXT as he watches burgeoning stars illuminate the stages of "Raw" and "SmackDown." "It's heartening to witness the sheer talent that's coming through.

Stepping back has allowed me to truly appreciate what we have here—and it's remarkable," he commented with the enthusiasm of a true wrestling aficionado. Big E's perspective, one of admiration and reflection, underscores a passion that transcends physical participation.

As the wrestling community eagerly awaits his next move, his current role—whether as a behind-the-scenes mentor or as a cheerleader for the sport's future—is vital in shaping the WWE landscape.

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