Why Carmelo Hayes Sheds 'Anxiety' for WWE Main Stage Debut?

NXT standout Carmelo Hayes shines amidst industry legends.

by Atia Mukhtar
Why Carmelo Hayes Sheds 'Anxiety' for WWE Main Stage Debut?
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As the WWE Universe witnesses the ascent of stars like The Creed Brothers and Dragon Lee to the esteemed main roster, speculation is rampant about who will be the next breakout talent to step into the spotlight. Amidst such anticipation, former "WWE NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes urges fans to savor his current triumphs instead of predicting his next career pivot.

In a candid conversation on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Hayes advocated for a present-focused mindset, sharing his evolution from restlessness to appreciation. "A year ago, I might have been slightly impatient," he revealed.

"But I've learned to embrace the now—to cherish the journey I'm on."

Hayes' Stellar Rise

Hayes' journey has been nothing short of stellar in the NXT universe. His in-ring prowess and charisma have not only captivated audiences but have also garnered the high praise of wrestling legends like The Undertaker.

The buzzworthy confrontations with formidable opponents such as Bron Breakker and Ilja Dragunov have underscored his potential. Yet, Hayes is cognizant of the inevitable transformations his career will undergo. "I'm blessed with where I stand today and I want the fans to revel in this evolution," Hayes expressed.

"Ascending to the main roster is akin to rebirth. It's like starting anew, and the Carmelo Hayes that fans have grown to love in NXT might undergo a metamorphosis on the main stage." Hayes may seem poised for a main roster breakthrough, but his narrative in NXT is far from concluded.

Currently, he's entangled in a burgeoning conflict with Trick Williams, his erstwhile protégé whose recent return to "NXT" has sparked a confrontation that promises to test Hayes' resolve. For now, Hayes remains a pillar of the black and gold brand, a talent relishing his moment in the ring and inviting the WWE fanbase to enjoy the ride.

While the future is bright for Hayes, the spotlight remains firmly on his current chapter in NXT, where every match, every rivalry, and every moment is a step towards his inevitable, yet unpredicted, ascent to WWE's main roster glory.

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