Kofi Kingston on Staying WWE Champion

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Kofi Kingston on Staying WWE Champion

Kofi Kingston is the current WWE Champion. Many wrestling journalists criticized the WWE’s booking and stated that the WWE champion should always be a big guy. Even after all the criticism, it appears that the WWE likes Kofi Kingston a lot and want him to remain their champion.

On the State of Combat Podcast, Kofi Kingston spoke about his run as the WWE champion. "It is definitely hit me hard. It hits me hard every single day because every day on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram I get daily comments of people who are just so happy that I am champion.

They give me stories about how it motivates them to go out and try things and do things and go out and be things and be somebody, it hasn't gotten old yet," revealed Kingston. "I get goose bumps even talking about it.

Anytime somebody shares a personal story with me during autograph signings and someone comes up to me and shakes my hand and says thank you and I'm just like, wow. The fact that I can have an influence over somebody; it is heartwarming, it is the goal."

Many people believed that Kofi Kingston will drop the title soon, and he is more of a transitional champion. He is currently 2 months into his run. He won the WWE title from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35.