Matt Cardona Eyes Match with WWE Legend Now in AEW as 'Dream Bout


Matt Cardona Eyes Match with WWE Legend Now in AEW as 'Dream Bout
Matt Cardona Eyes Match with WWE Legend Now in AEW as 'Dream Bout © WWE/YouTube

Professional wrestler Matt Cardona, widely recognized for his compelling presence in the squared circle, has recently declared his interest in a dream match with the legendary Rob Van Dam, a WWE Hall of Famer and a notable figure in AEW.

In a post on the social platform X, Cardona hinted at the potential high cost of such a match-up, tagging RVD with a message that reflects his high regard for the superstar as an ideal opponent. Cardona and Van Dam have crossed paths before, sharing the ring during their tenure with WWE.

Their encounters include an 11-on-3 Handicap Elimination match on the September 23, 2013, edition of "WWE Raw," and a Battle Royal at a live event on September 29 of the same year, where RVD triumphed to become the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Despite these interactions, fans have yet to witness the two lock horns in a one-on-one competition, a scenario that Cardona seems eager to bring to fruition. The list of Cardona’s dream rivals is both star-studded and reflective of his ambitions beyond his previous WWE stint.

It features such luminaries as Adam Copeland, another WWE Hall of Famer currently with AEW, the iconic John Cena, and the multifaceted Cody Rhodes. These names, each with their own unique legacy in professional wrestling, underscore the breadth of Cardona’s aspirations in the sport.

Cardona's Rising Streak

Since parting ways with WWE in April 2020, Cardona has maintained a rigorous schedule, appearing at various wrestling promotions and events. His recent exploits include teaming up with Steph De Lander, also known as Deathmatch Royalty, to claim victory over Charli Evans and Everett Connors at Game Changer Wrestling's "Please, Buddy" event.

Furthermore, Cardona is poised to appear at Major League Wrestling's Fightland event, where he will face Mance Warner in a high-stakes "Loser Leaves MLW" match. Fans and followers of professional wrestling, eager for action-packed matches and compelling storylines, can look forward to witnessing Cardona’s relentless pursuit of his dream clashes, potentially adding another exhilarating chapter to his already storied career.

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