Eddie Kingston Unfazed by Physique Critiques

Kingston confronts stereotypes with a candid take on fitness.

by Noman Rasool
Eddie Kingston Unfazed by Physique Critiques
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In the realm of professional wrestling, where peak physical form often translates to heavily sculpted physiques, Eddie Kingston stands as a testament to the notion that talent transcends traditional expectations. Notorious for his non-conformist appearance, Kingston, an esteemed veteran of the squared circle, has faced undue criticism for his physique.

Yet, the current ROH World Champion and IWGP Never Openweight Champion's response to such scrutiny is steeped in unabashed confidence and a focus on his craft over cosmetic judgment. During a candid sit-down with Adrian Hernandez, Kingston, a stalwart of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), addressed the body shaming that occasionally surfaces from the sidelines.

His retort to the disparagement is a mix of raw honesty and an unwavering commitment to his professional dedication. "I've never let the chatter about my looks get to me because the naysayers are blind to the grind I endure.

They're not privy to the countless hours at the gym, the discipline of my Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu training," Kingston asserted. His ethos is clear; the merit of his performance cannot be diminished by superficial standards.

"Sure, I enjoy life's indulgences – who doesn't have a soft spot for ice cream or a burger from Five Guys? My dietary choices haven't curtailed the intensity I bring to the ring. Despite any physical toll, I push beyond my limits, ensuring that I deliver nothing less than 110% to the fans who believe in my ability."

Heart Over Physique

Kingston's remarks not only shine a light on the unseen efforts of a professional wrestler but also highlight the flawed perception that athleticism is solely defined by appearance.

In a profession where the spotlight often favors the outwardly formidable, Kingston’s prowess and unrelenting spirit remind fans and critics alike that heart and ability are not contingent on one's waistline. Eddie Kingston's message resonates particularly within AEW, an organization that prides itself on diversity and inclusivity in wrestling styles and representations.

His stance is one of defiance against an industry stereotype, championing the notion that commitment to one's passion weighs infinitely more than the scale's numbers. Kingston's journey and outspoken nature serve as a beacon for aspiring wrestlers, proving that success is not a one-size-fits-all scenario and that the essence of wrestling thrives on the diversity of its champions – a narrative well-embodied by the Mad King himself.

Eddie Kingston