Rhea Ripley's New Rival for WWE Survivor Series Post-Raw


Rhea Ripley's New Rival for WWE Survivor Series Post-Raw
Rhea Ripley's New Rival for WWE Survivor Series Post-Raw © WWE/YouTube

In a thrilling display of athleticism and tenacity on this week's "WWE Raw," Zoey Stark emerged victorious in a 14-woman battle royal to earn a shot at the Women's World Championship, currently held by the formidable Rhea Ripley.

The high-stakes match came down to a fierce showdown between Stark and the seasoned Shayna Baszler, with Stark securing her title opportunity at the upcoming Survivor Series by eliminating Baszler in a dramatic finale. The battle royal saw an unexpected twist when Ivy Nile, making her impressive in-ring debut on "Raw," reached the final four alongside Stark, Baszler, and Raquel Rodriguez.

However, her momentum was abruptly cut short by Nia Jax, who, despite being previously eliminated, reached back into the fray to pull Nile from the apron, effectively ending her chances. Rodriguez didn't fare much better, as she found herself overwhelmed by the concerted efforts of Baszler and Stark, leading to her elimination.

Stark's Stunning Victory

In an edge-of-the-seat conclusion, Stark and Baszler took their fight to the ring's edge, never actually re-entering the ring after the match had narrowed to the two of them. Stark ultimately dispatched Baszler with a stunning superkick and a decisive DDT on the ring apron, a move that left the WWE Universe in awe and solidified her as the number one contender.

This victory is particularly notable for Stark, who had been one of the challengers "Mami" had to overcome at the Crown Jewel event just the weekend prior. Although both Stark and Ripley have crossed paths in the 2023 Royal Rumble, their upcoming match at Survivor Series marks the first time these two athletes will face off in a one-on-one competition, setting the stage for an epic encounter.

The originally anticipated 16-woman lineup for the battle royal was unexpectedly reduced when Xia Li launched a pre-match assault on Becky Lynch. This altercation not only took Lynch out of contention but also resulted in Li's own disqualification from the match.

As WWE fans eagerly anticipate the Survivor Series, all eyes are on Zoey Stark, who has fought her way to the pinnacle of WWE's women's division, proving that determination and skill can indeed turn the tide in the world of professional wrestling.

With the stakes at an all-time high, the Survivor Series is shaping up to be an event that will captivate audiences worldwide and etch new chapters in WWE's storied legacy

Rhea Ripley Survivor Series Raw

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