Matt Morgan on Stuttering Gimmick

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Matt Morgan on Stuttering Gimmick

Matt Morgan was one of the lesser known WWE superstars. He also worked for TNA for a while before switching to a career in politics. Matt Morgan has fought some of the best mid-card wrestlers that the WWE had during his time.

Matt Morgan was given a stuttering gimmick by Vince McMahon, the CEO of the WWE. He spoke about his gimmick on The Post and Courier. "I hated it," Morgan said. "I didn't tell those guys to call me up prematurely.

But now I was finally getting an opportunity to work as a heel. [Trainers] would put me in scenarios where I didn't get to be seven-foot Matt Morgan the giant. There was nothing you could have thrown at me that I couldn't have handled.

As for the stuttering thing, I did say in that office, and not talking back or anything, but you know, Vince sold this to me as he's always wanted to put this stuttering character on one of these bigger, super impressive looking guys."

He also spoke how McMahon gave him confidence to do it. "'I think you can do this,' McMahon said to Morgan. "I think I can too," Morgan assured. "But I just want to put this out there… Do you know I have a degree public speaking? I graduated with honors.

I might not be the best as it, but talking is kind of my thing. Any essentially we're going to pull that away? 'It's giving you an Achilles' heel.' McMahon said."