Bully Ray Criticizes Wrestling Experts Following WWE Crown Jewel Event

WWE's Reigns Faces Critique Over Predictable Match Outcomes.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray Criticizes Wrestling Experts Following WWE Crown Jewel Event
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WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray has openly expressed his dissatisfaction with certain fan complaints regarding Roman Reigns's title run following the Crown Jewel event. Additionally, he has offered pointed critiques about WWE's management of Reigns's championship reign.

Reigns successfully defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel thanks in part to intervention from allies. During a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," Bully remarked, "It's astonishing how many self-proclaimed experts are actually clueless." He elaborated on the discontent surrounding the infrequency of Reigns's title defenses, recognizing Reigns as a premier attraction WWE aims to preserve and safeguard with an eye towards a future showdown with Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania.

Bully posits that WWE is cautious not to overexpose Reigns or place him in perilous situations that could risk injury. WWE legend Mark Henry contributed to the conversation, likening Reigns's protection to being in "bubble wrap." Bully concurred, suggesting that fans' frustrations would ease if Crown Jewel had showcased a more novel and engaging style of match from Reigns, steering away from the repetitive formula often seen.

Reigns's Repetitive Wins

Bully also touched on the growing weariness among the audience towards Reigns's habitual victories through interference. Despite Reigns's portrayal as "The Tribal Chief" who sees top contenders as mere cogs in the machine, the fans maintain a belief in these heroic figures.

"I get that it's effective," Bully conceded, comparing the strategy to the iconic rock band KISS, who are known for their consistent performances. However, he believes that WWE's sparing use of Reigns, coupled with the repetitive nature of his matches, may be diminishing the very star power they seek to protect.

This forthright commentary from a respected industry veteran underscores a critical perspective on WWE's current storytelling choices and their impact on the wrestling landscape. As WWE continues to develop its narratives, the balance between preserving a star's allure and satisfying a diverse fanbase remains a nuanced challenge.

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