Chelsea Green Unsettling Backstage Run-In with Ex-WWE Wrestler at Raw


Chelsea Green Unsettling Backstage Run-In with Ex-WWE Wrestler at Raw
Chelsea Green Unsettling Backstage Run-In with Ex-WWE Wrestler at Raw © WWE/Twitter

In an unexpected twist on last night's edition of "WWE Raw," Chelsea Green, who currently holds one half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, experienced a jarring encounter with a face from the past, none other than Gene Snitsky.

Following her unexpected exit from the No. 1 Contender's Battle Royal—a match designed to pinpoint the next adversary for Rhea Ripley—Green was visibly agitated, her discontent palpable as she navigated the backstage area.

Snitsky's Surprise Encounter

The tension escalated when the former WWE star, Snitsky, known for his iconic refrain, "It wasn't my fault," crossed paths with a disgruntled Green. His unexpected appearance and utterance of the famous catchphrase left Green stunned, prompting her to hastily depart from the scene.

This marked Snitsky's first foray back into the WWE spotlight since his departure over a decade ago in December 2008. His career post-WWE saw him grapple on the independent wrestling circuit and briefly join the ranks of Impact Wrestling in 2014.

Despite these endeavors, Snitsky hasn't had a prolonged tenure with any major wrestling promotion since. Snitsky's wrestling pursuits continued recently, as he emerged victorious in his first solo bout in over ten years at MLW's "Never Say Never" event, where he bested Yoscifer El.

This was followed by a match against MLW World Champion Alex Kane at a taping in September, though his involvement with MLW has since been limited.

Speculation is rife regarding Snitsky's presence at "Raw," particularly as the show unfolded in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Fans and insiders alike are questioning whether this visit signifies a formal return to WWE under a Legends contract, or if it was merely a fleeting cameo. What is evident, however, is that his surprise interaction with Chelsea Green has stirred conversation among the WWE Universe, serving as a reminder of his memorable legacy within the company.

As we await further developments, this incident undoubtedly adds an intriguing layer to Green's current narrative as a reigning champion within the WWE's dynamic and often unpredictable landscape.

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