John Cena Discusses His WWE Finale Amidst Retirement Speculation


John Cena Discusses His WWE Finale Amidst Retirement Speculation
John Cena Discusses His WWE Finale Amidst Retirement Speculation © WWE/YouTube

Amid swirling retirement rumors, John Cena, the WWE's 16-time world champion, reflected on his storied career and future candidly on WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves. A recent transition to Hollywood has punctuated Cena's incredible tenure in WWE.

However, he still graces the WWE universe with his presence, culminating in what many believe to be his final full-time foray into the wrestling spectacle. The veteran wrestler, who has recently taken the fight to The Bloodline, faced an unexpected singles match defeat at Crown Jewel 2023 against Solo Sikoa, ending a nearly half-decade streak of singles victory.

This loss at the age of 46 has only intensified the whispers of Cena's impending retirement from in-ring action. During the landmark 200th episode of WWE After the Bell, Cena shared his philosophies on a career outcome, highlighting his unwavering dedication to WWE's vision, suggesting that his farewell, whenever it transpires, will align with what's best for the franchise.

John Cena's Dynamic Comeback

Cena's resurgence in WWE, post-WrestleMania 39, has been noteworthy, with his involvement in SmackDown becoming a regular highlight. His feud with The Bloodline set the stage for an electrifying tag team match at Fastlane 2023.

Teaming up with the enigmatic LA Knight, Cena took on Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa, securing a triumph that set the WWE universe abuzz. Post-Fastlane, Cena's storyline continued to intertwine with The Bloodline, leading to the showdown at Crown Jewel 2023 where he suffered a significant loss to Sikoa.

The aftermath has seen Cena step back from the WWE limelight, not slated for upcoming appearances, sparking discussions about his return to the silver screen and leaving fans contemplating the final chapter of his wrestling saga.

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As the industry and its aficionados brace for a future without Cena's in-ring heroics, the discussion about his retirement continues to dominate the WWE narrative.

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