Is Kevin Nash Right About AEW's MJF Against Fan Views?


Is Kevin Nash Right About AEW's MJF Against Fan Views?
Is Kevin Nash Right About AEW's MJF Against Fan Views? © Kliq THIS/YouTube

In the fiercely competitive world of professional wrestling, it takes a formidable contender to captivate the audience's attention, especially when up against heavyweight broadcast events like the World Series. Yet, amid this cutthroat arena, AEW World Champion MJF's showdown with Kenny Omega on "AEW Collision" was touted as the clash of titans, a dream match in the making for countless aficionados.

Despite these high stakes, the bout attracted a modest audience of 518,000 viewers, a number that found itself in the shadow of the World Series' viewership. This viewership figure could easily paint a bleak picture for the AEW event, but WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash offered a different perspective.

Speaking on his show "Kliq This," Nash pointed out the impressive feat of drawing half a million viewers despite the stiff competition from a major sporting event. He chided critics, highlighting the irony in their argument that pitted the match against "the least viewed World Series game ever," a detail that often went unmentioned amidst the criticism.

Clash Against Giants

The wrestling world is no stranger to the challenges that arise when pitting its scheduled spectacles against the juggernauts of live sports broadcasting. The strategic placement of a marquee matchup like MJF versus Omega might have been a calculated risk to counterprogram the World Series, but with only a limited promotional window, the match didn't receive the robust marketing push it deserved.

Contrastingly, the episode of "AEW Dynamite" preceding the event saw a significant uptick in viewership, with an average of 832,000 viewers, marking a 7% increase from previous weeks. More notably, the coveted 18-49 demographic witnessed a 14% surge.

This spike in viewership can be attributed to MJF's prominent presence throughout the show, from teasing the main event in the opening segment to a narrative arc that revolved around his quest for tag team allies. This surge not only underscores the magnetic appeal of MJF as a character but also underscores the value of a well-constructed build-up in enhancing a wrestler's draw power.

As the dust settles, what becomes clear is the complexity of wrestling viewership metrics, especially when measured against major sports broadcasts. It also emphasizes the importance of storytelling and promotion in the world of wrestling entertainment, where even the most anticipated matches require the right hype to draw in the masses.

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