Harvey Wippleman: Young Rock Not Over Post-NBC


Harvey Wippleman: Young Rock Not Over Post-NBC
Harvey Wippleman: Young Rock Not Over Post-NBC © WWE/YouTube

In a recent turn of events that has sparked excitement among wrestling fans, Harvey Wippleman, a former WWE personality, hinted at a potential revival of the beloved series "Young Rock" following its unexpected cancellation by NBC earlier this year.

The show, which featured Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as the narrator recounting his formative years in the wrestling arena, had garnered a dedicated following for its heartfelt and humorous portrayal of Johnson's journey. During a candid conversation on "Developmentally Speaking," Wippleman, who lent his expertise as an executive consultant for the series, shared optimistic insights about the show's future.

He indicated that the production team is gearing up to resume work on a new season once the current SAG-AFTRA strike concludes. "Working on 'Young Rock' was an incredible journey, and it's not one that's come to an end," Wippleman assured.

"Though our relationship with NBC has concluded, there's more to come once the strike is over. The narrative of 'Young Rock' is far from finished."

Wippleman's Crucial Role

Wippleman's involvement with the show extended beyond consultancy; he played a pivotal role in shaping the portrayal of Memphis Wrestling within the storyline.

He also conducted extensive Zoom sessions with actor Ryan Pinkston, who plays Wippleman in the series, imparting the nuances of his accent and mannerisms. Wippleman expressed admiration for Chavo Guerrero, another executive consultant, for his adept guidance in training the actors on the physical aspects of wrestling, ensuring authenticity in their performances.

Reflecting on his longstanding camaraderie with Dwayne Johnson, Wippleman expressed heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to "Young Rock." He lauded Johnson's character and their deep-rooted friendship. "Dwayne is an extraordinary individual," Wippleman remarked.

"Our bond stretches back to his childhood. Our friendship is profound—I hold it dear to my heart. His influence has been a transformative force in my life." This revelation about "Young Rock" not only offers hope for the show's continuation but also underscores the enduring legacy of The Rock within the wrestling community and beyond.

Fans eagerly await further announcements, hopeful that the series will find a new home and continue to share the storied past of one of wrestling's most iconic figures.