NXT to Move to a New Venue in 2024

WWE's NXT gears up for transformative broadcasting changes.

by Noman Rasool
NXT to Move to a New Venue in 2024
© Teeming Tubby EMU/YouTube

WWE's NXT is poised to make a significant leap in 2024 as it secures a new broadcasting platform, signaling an expansive phase for the brand's television rights. In a strategic shift that is already creating a buzz within the wrestling community, NXT is slated to transition to The CW Network come October next year, a move heralded by WWE.

This follows the news that SmackDown will vacate its spot on FOX, making a notable return to the USA Network. The financial details of NXT's agreement remain under wraps, but the buzz from industry insiders suggests that this contract could set a new precedent in terms of revenue for NXT's TV rights.

As NXT prepares to welcome a wider audience via The CW, there is also anticipation building around Bron Breakker, who is rumored to be the next standout talent joining WWE's main roster. NXT's evolution from its black and gold roots to a vibrant present has been remarkable.

Under the guidance of wrestling icon Shawn Michaels, the brand has carved out its unique niche, consistently delivering compelling content that has won over fans, old and new alike. The strategic infusion of high-caliber Superstars into NXT is believed to be a key driver in elevating the brand's value, making it an attractive proposition for television networks.

NXT's Innovative Expansion

Intrigue also surrounds The CW's negotiations, as recent developments hinted at a potential partnership with NWA that included not just wrestling action but also an innovative reality show concept.

Despite earlier reports suggesting that this deal was nearly finalized, it appears that NXT's entry may redefine The CW's wrestling lineup. There's speculation on whether the NXT deal will introduce a reality show format to complement the wrestling offerings, reminiscent of the initial plans with NWA.

With this landmark shift, NXT will break new ground, exiting cable for the first time in its history. As the wrestling world watches with keen interest, the question of whether RAW will continue its tenure on USA or find a new network home remains open.

As these strategic moves unfold, WWE's vision for its brands is clear – to expand their reach, captivate more fans, and continue to innovate in the world of wrestling entertainment.