A Look Back into Ricky Steamboat’s Career

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A Look Back into Ricky Steamboat’s Career

WWE Hall of Famer, Ricky Steamboat appeared at the Pancakes and Powerslams show as a guest recently. In the episode, he spoke about many different topics related to his career. He spoke about his 2009 feud with Chris Jericho, about Sid Vicious’s love for baseball and his refusal to have a WWE title run due to it, and the most difficult person that he has worked with.

Ricky left the National Wrestling Alliance/Jim Crockett Promotions due to creative differences with Dusty Rhodes. He joined the WWE in 1985 and was part of WrestleMania 1. He had one of the greatest matches in WWE history with Randy Savage at WWE WrestleMania 3.

Even though he performed so well at WrestleMania 3, he was never in the main even picture. He spent the last part of career losing to Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, and Rick Rude. He made his last appearance for the WWE at the WrestleMania IV tournament.

He would then make a return to wrestling in NWA in 1989. He said that he never had any discussion with Vince McMahon for a WWE World Title Run. "No. Never had that discussion," Steamboat said. About the man he wants to face today, he said: "I'd like to work with Seth Rollins, and I'd put him over right in the middle." He also expresses interest in wanting to manage Roman Reigns.