NXT-CW Contract: 70% AAV Surge


NXT-CW Contract: 70% AAV Surge
NXT-CW Contract: 70% AAV Surge © Martin Guerrero - Wrestling/WWE News /YouTube

In a landmark agreement, WWE's NXT is poised to take center stage on The CW Network starting October 2024, following the conclusion of its existing contract with USA Network. This transition marks a significant stride in WWE's broadcast strategy, underscoring the brand's appeal and expanding reach.

Under the new contract, which spans five years, industry insiders at Deadline reveal that the deal eclipses the current agreement's annual value by more than double—surpassing a $15 million valuation. This move is reflective of WWE's growing prominence and the network's commitment to enriching its live sports offerings.

Ari Emanuel, during the TKO earnings call, highlighted the deal's financial robustness, noting an impressive 70% increase in average annual value. This is indicative of WWE NXT's burgeoning market value and its potential for garnering substantial viewership figures on The CW.

Dennis Miller, President of The CW Network, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. "We are thrilled to integrate WWE into The CW Sports' growing portfolio. The inclusion of WWE NXT will amplify our mission to deliver captivating live sports events throughout the year," Miller said.

He further remarked on the synergy between WWE NXT and The CW, citing NXT's vibrant, youthful talent and the fervor of its fanbase as key factors for the network's decision.

NXT Elevates CW Sports

WWE NXT, known for its electric and sometimes unpredictable weekly showcases, is set to enhance The CW's sports programming, which has been making significant strides over the past year.

Nick Khan, WWE President, acknowledged The CW's recent forays into live sports and expressed his excitement about the opportunity to widen NXT's viewership through broadcast television—a first in the history of NXT.

This development is expected to bolster The CW's position as a destination for live sports entertainment while providing NXT with a broader platform to captivate its dedicated and growing audience. As the move to The CW approaches, anticipation builds for what will undoubtedly be a new chapter in sports entertainment broadcast history.