Wrestling Pro Claims Audiences Underestimate Ronda Rousey's Influence


Wrestling Pro Claims Audiences Underestimate Ronda Rousey's Influence
Wrestling Pro Claims Audiences Underestimate Ronda Rousey's Influence © WWE/YouTube

Former Champions of WWE's Raw and SmackDown divisions, Ronda Rousey, concluded her stint at the SummerSlam event this past August in Detroit. The noteworthy match saw Rousey face off against Shayna Baszler, a former ally who betrayed her during the Money In The Bank event.

This ultimately led to a significant showdown where Rousey showcased her long-standing comrade in the ring. In an exclusive conversation with WrestleZone, Baszler delivered an earnest perspective on Rousey's contributions to the realm of women's sports, particularly addressing the tendency of fans to diminish Rousey's achievements due to personal biases.

Baszler acknowledged Rousey's candid nature and pointed out that despite personal feelings, Rousey's legacy in advancing women's presence in combat sports and her pivotal roles in both UFC and WWE should not be overshadowed.

Baszler Defends Rousey

Baszler remarked, "Despite our current terms, I can't ignore the barriers Ronda has broken down for women in combat sports. Her forthrightness might not win everyone over, but it's unjust to dismiss the strides she's made for women's sports because of it." After she departed from WWE, Rousey ventured into the independent wrestling scene, confirming her participation alongside Marina Shafir, a notable figure in AEW, at the much-anticipated Wrestling REVOLVER UNREAL event in Los Angeles.

This collaboration is set to mark a new chapter in Rousey's illustrious career in combat sports. As Rousey forges a new path beyond the WWE universe, her upcoming appearance at Wrestling REVOLVER UNREAL alongside AEW's Shafir generates significant buzz, promising a captivating blend of skill and star power.

This significant development underscores the lasting impact Ronda Rousey has on professional wrestling and the deep-seated respect she garners from industry insiders. As she gears up to join forces with Marina Shafir for their upcoming match at Wrestling REVOLVER UNREAL in Los Angeles, the anticipation among the wrestling community is palpable.

Both fans and critics are prompted to acknowledge Rousey's formidable presence and influence in the sport. Her transition to the independent circuit is not merely a change of venue but a bold statement about her ongoing contribution to the evolution and elevation of women's roles in the wrestling world.

This partnership is poised to showcase their collective prowess and add a thrilling new chapter to Rousey's already distinguished legacy in the sport.

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