WWE Star Fears Actor More Than Haku?


WWE Star Fears Actor More Than Haku?
WWE Star Fears Actor More Than Haku? © Haiku for Haku/Twitter

In a recent interview, former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Knobbs opened up about some of the most formidable figures he's encountered in the wrestling world. During his conversation on Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Knobbs, who has shared the ring with legends like Jimmy Snuka, Rick Rude, and the notoriously tough Haku, made an intriguing addition to his list of resilient individuals: actor Chuck Zito.

Zito, known for his roles in hits like "Homefront," "Carlito’s Way," and "The Rock," also has a history as the former president of the Hells Angels' New York chapter, a detail that adds to his formidable reputation.

Knobbs’ connection to Zito came through another wrestling icon, Hulk Hogan. He fondly recalls Hogan introducing him to Zito, labeling the actor as a real.

Hogan's Birthday Bash

Knobbs reminisced about a recent gathering for Hogan's birthday, a star-studded event that included personalities like Jerry Sags and Haku.

He humorously noted that with the presence of Haku and Zito, the event needed no additional security. "I had Sag [Jerry Sags] there, Haku on the one side, and Chuck Zito on the other. I said we don’t have to worry about no security at this party.

We’re covered," Knobbs quipped. This endorsement from Knobbs places Zito in a unique category, especially given Haku's reputation in wrestling circles as an exceptionally tough individual. The comparison indicates the high regard Knobbs holds for Zito, not just as a friend but as a person of considerable strength and resilience.

Despite his close connections with wrestling greats like Hulk Hogan and social media interactions with stars like Booker T, Zito himself has never officially been involved with the WWE. His off-screen friendships with these wrestling personalities, however, underscore his standing within the community.

This revelation by Knobbs not only highlights the cross-over appeal of certain celebrities in the wrestling world but also reaffirms the deep respect and camaraderie that exists among these tough, larger-than-life personalities.