Jeff Jarrett Believes TNA Duo Could've Succeeded in WWE


Jeff Jarrett Believes TNA Duo Could've Succeeded in WWE
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Wrestling aficionados have long expressed their regret over the absence of iconic teams like the Briscoes, the Young Bucks, and the Motor City Machine Guns from the WWE arena. Another formidable duo, Beer Money, comprising Bobby Roode and James Storm from TNA’s most illustrious period, is also part of this esteemed list.

Wrestling legend and industry insider Jeff Jarrett recently shed light on why he believes Beer Money could have made significant strides in WWE. During his engaging discourse on the "My World" podcast, Jarrett delved into the unique chemistry that made Beer Money a standout tag team.

“We've got two different characters come together, but, man, this works," Jarrett observed. He highlighted their complementary styles and the team's appeal, noting, “They both talk and have different points of view, but it's marketable, and Beer Money is such a common slang term — it all just kinda fit together”.

Jarrett further praised their in-ring prowess, whether they were playing heels or babyfaces, emphasizing their exceptional tag team psychology.

Roode and Storm: Divergent Paths

While fate did lead both Roode and Storm to WWE, their journeys diverged considerably.

Storm's tenure in "NXT" was fleeting, leading him to choose a return to TNA over a more extended contract with WWE. Roode, conversely, established a notable presence in "NXT," reigning as champion before progressing to the main roster.

His success in WWE was marked by his tenure as United States Champion and multiple tag team championship victories. Their story illustrates the unpredictable nature of wrestling careers and the unique opportunities and challenges wrestlers face when transitioning between promotions.

The duo’s journey underscores the rich talent pool outside WWE and how certain wrestling styles and characters resonate differently across various wrestling promotions. As fans reminisce about the 'what ifs,' the legacy of Beer Money remains a testament to the vibrant diversity and the immense talent that exists within the world of professional wrestling.

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