Logan Paul Takes WWE U.S. Championship to Bed and Shower


Logan Paul Takes WWE U.S. Championship to Bed and Shower
Logan Paul Takes WWE U.S. Championship to Bed and Shower © Logan Paul/Instagram

n a striking blend of ambition and showmanship, Logan Paul, the renowned social media influencer turned combat sports contender, has made a spectacular splash in the world of professional wrestling. Seizing the WWE United States Championship from Rey Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel, Paul's victory marks a pivotal moment in his eclectic fight career, spanning over half a decade.

This triumph raises questions about his future in WWE, especially considering the precedence of part-time champions like Brock Lesnar and the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who maintain infrequent appearance schedules.

Logan Paul© Logan Paul/Instagram

2023 has seen Paul's wrestling participation intensify, already surpassing his debut year with five matches to his credit. Yet, it’s not just in the ring where Paul’s commitment to his new accolade shines through.

On Instagram, Paul delighted fans with a series of photos showcasing his intimate connection with the title. From sleeping beside the star-spangled gold to incorporating it into his daily workout and shower routine, Paul’s dedication to the championship is unmistakable.

Logan Paul: Wrestler and Boxer

Paul’s recent foray back into the boxing ring complicates his schedule further.

His victory over Dillon Danis last October not only marked his first boxing win but also reignited his passion for the sport. Balancing his commitments to WWE and boxing presents a unique challenge. “I am technically a full-time wrestler," Paul acknowledged, reflecting on his contractual obligations and aspirations in WWE.

"I didn't just come to partake. I came to take over." The appeal of both boxing and wrestling to Paul lies in their distinct nature. “Boxing is just so much more intensely violent... Both sports have their danger and both extremely primal,” he explained.

This dichotomy fuels his desire to leave a legacy across both domains. As Paul navigates the demanding worlds of wrestling and boxing, his journey represents not just a pursuit of championships but a quest to etch his name in the annals of combat sports history.

Logan Paul