Nick Aldis, WWE SmackDown GM, Criticizes Ex-Employer Over NXT TV Deal


Nick Aldis, WWE SmackDown GM, Criticizes Ex-Employer Over NXT TV Deal
Nick Aldis, WWE SmackDown GM, Criticizes Ex-Employer Over NXT TV Deal © WrestleZone/Twitter

In a groundbreaking development for professional wrestling television, "WWE NXT" will debut on The CW network in October 2024. This strategic move positions the WWE brand on a network renowned for reaching a younger, diverse audience, potentially ushering in a new era for the NXT franchise.

The announcement, made this past Tuesday, has sparked considerable discussion in the wrestling community, particularly as it coincides with the shifting landscape of wrestling programming. The CW, previously rumoured to be the new home for NWA's "NWA Power" and an unnamed reality TV series is now firmly in the spotlight of the wrestling world.

This shift comes amid recent controversies surrounding NWA, notably the debated drug-related storyline at their Samhain pay-per-view, casting doubt on their future television deals.

Nick Aldis' Bold Response

Nick Aldis, the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion and newly appointed "WWE SmackDown" General Manager, didn't miss the opportunity to comment on these developments.

In a bold move, Aldis took to Instagram, juxtaposing the news of "NXT" joining CW with NWA's theme song "Into the Fire" by Dokken, a clear nod to his past association with NWA and a subtle dig at his former employer. Aldis's departure from NWA in late 2022 was marked by controversy and public dissatisfaction.

Following a public request for release and subsequent suspension by NWA, Aldis openly criticized the organization and its leadership, particularly targeting NWA owner Billy Corgan for alleged political manoeuvres within the company.

His critical stance on the promotion's direction and management culminated in a highly-publicized switch to WWE, leaving behind a tumultuous relationship with NWA, where he had been a prominent figure since 2017. This saga took a surprising turn on the October 13 episode of "WWE SmackDown," when Chief Creative Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque announced Aldis as the brand's new General Manager.

This appointment marked a significant career shift for Aldis, who replaced Adam Pearce, the previous GM of "SmackDown" and "WWE Raw." Aldis's arrival in WWE and his new role as GM underscore the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of professional wrestling, both in and out of the ring.

As "WWE NXT" prepares for its debut on The CW, the wrestling community eagerly anticipates the impact of this significant transition. With Aldis at the helm of "SmackDown," the landscape of WWE programming continues to evolve, promising exciting developments for fans and industry insiders alike.

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