MVP on Leaving WWE for NJPW

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MVP on Leaving WWE for NJPW

MVP left the WWE almost nine years ago and landed in New Japan Pro Wrestling. He had to head overseas for that. In the WWE, MVP was nothing more than a mid-card wrestler but was able to win three titles. We might believe that it would be a very hard decision for MVP to leave the WWE.

MVP revealed on VICELAND on their show The Wrestlers that it was a very easy decision for him. He stated that he didn’t like the backstage politics of the WWE. "Japanese wrestling is my favorite wrestling. Wrestling for New Japan Pro-Wrestling at the Tokyo Dome, that was my dream," said MVP.

"Wrestlemania and the WWE was a goal. After having been at WWE and being somebody who was being groomed to be a world champion, I ran afoul of some politics and spent three months on a losing streak. I had a confrontation with one of the executives.

He came out of his mouth to me, sideways. I told him, 'Man, you don't talk to me like that.' He told me to go f*** myself. "At that moment I decided OK, I'm done here. I said, 'No, you go f*** yourself.'

" Many wrestlers feel the same way and quit the WWE. A number of talented wrestlers have asked the WWE to release them recently, and that can be due to the backstage politics that still exist within the company.