Mandy Rose Unexpected Wrestling Career Update


Mandy Rose Unexpected Wrestling Career Update
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In a recent and insightful update, Mandy Rose, the former WWE NXT Women's Champion, spoke candidly about her current stance on professional wrestling and her evolving career path. It's been nearly a year since her departure from WWE, an exit that followed closely on the heels of her losing the NXT Women's Championship to Roxanne Perez.

Rose's release, controversially tied to her involvement with adult-oriented content on a premium fan subscription site, marked a significant turn in her career trajectory. During her tenure with WWE, Rose became a prominent figure in the wrestling world.

Her departure, which was not linked to any issues of backstage conduct but rather to her activities outside the ring, was a topic of much discussion. Since then, she has transitioned to another premium subscription platform, reportedly a much larger and more lucrative venture.

Rose spoke on Busted Open Radio and expressed a somewhat surprising sentiment regarding her wrestling career. Contrary to what many might have expected, she revealed a lack of urgency to return to the ring. "I'm a little surprised.

I thought that I would get [the itch]... coming up on almost a year. But I haven't," Rose admitted. While she misses the camaraderie and the adrenaline rush of wrestling, the urge to actively participate in the sport isn't present now.

Rose's Return Uncertain

The question naturally arises: what would it take for Mandy Rose to make a return to the squared circle? With a steady and substantial income from her current endeavors, and without the physical toll that wrestling demands, Rose is in no hurry.

However, she hasn't closed the door on a potential return. In a recent Instagram Q&A, when asked about joining promotions like AEW or TNA Wrestling, her response was open-ended: "I don't know. But, you know, if the right phone call comes around, maybe."

This strategic approach by Rose indicates a savvy understanding of the impermanent nature of income streams in today's digital landscape.

While she currently enjoys success outside the ring, her awareness that this might not be everlasting suggests that she's keeping her options open. With her wrestling skills and star power, Rose remains a valuable asset to any promotion, should she choose to return.

For now, her fans and the wrestling world watch and wait, curious about the next chapter in Mandy Rose's dynamic career.

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