The Undertaker Retracts Criticism of Current WWE Roster


The Undertaker Retracts Criticism of Current WWE Roster
The Undertaker Retracts Criticism of Current WWE Roster © Undertaker/Twitter

WWE legend The Undertaker has recently come forward with a candid reflection on his previous stance about today's wrestling roster. In a revealing interview on the Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker withdrew his earlier statement that labeled the modern wrestling talent as "soft," recognizing instead their strategic approach towards the sport's physical demands.

Acknowledging the shift in industry practices towards the health and safety of performers, The Undertaker, also known as The Phenom, expressed a newfound respect for the evolving wrestling scene. "Initially, I mistook the changes in the wrestling business for a lack of toughness, which we prized back in the day.

But now, I see it's not about being soft; it's about being smart," The Undertaker remarked. This shift from the old rugged ways to a more measured approach highlights the industry's progress in safeguarding its wrestlers. The Undertaker's change of heart mirrors a broader transformation within professional wrestling, where well-being has become paramount.

The introduction of protocols like the 'X' sign by referees to immediately address in-ring injuries reflects a proactive stance on wrestler health, a move The Undertaker applauds. "The risk of injury is still incredibly high in this business, but the measures in place now ensure that we're not exacerbating those injuries for the sake of entertainment," he added, signifying his approval of the more conscientious measures taken today.

Wrestling's Medical Evolution

Delving into the past, The Undertaker shared anecdotes from an era when wrestlers were their own medics, often using nothing but athletic tape to treat injuries. Contrast that with the current system, which includes traveling trainers, on-site medical staff, and comprehensive concussion protocols, marking a significant advancement in the sport's medical care.

In keeping with the theme of transformation, The Undertaker also shed light on the decreasing prevalence of blood in matches, a common sight in the wrestling of yesteryear. He explained that the spectacle has been refined to prevent unnecessary harm to performers while maintaining the thrilling essence of the sport.

For fans who revere the wrestling icons of the past, The Undertaker's reflections offer a bridge between the nostalgia of the 'golden era' and the present-day reality of professional wrestling—a sport that remains physically demanding yet has grown wiser with time.

The Undertaker's insights not only pave the way for a healthier generation of wrestlers but also resonate with the fans' growing desire for a sport that respects the longevity and health of its stars. As the conversation about athlete welfare continues to evolve, The Undertaker's perspective will undoubtedly influence perceptions of toughness and resilience in the realm of professional wrestling.

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