WWE SmackDown: Champion Betrayed; Damage CTRL Grows

Unexpected alliances and chaos define latest SmackDown showdown.

by Noman Rasool
WWE SmackDown: Champion Betrayed; Damage CTRL Grows
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In a thrilling episode of WWE SmackDown, tensions ran high as 15-time champion Rey Mysterio faced a shocking betrayal. The episode opened with Kevin Owens stepping in as a commentator, setting the stage for an evening of surprises and high-stakes drama.

The focus shifted to Rey Mysterio, who, accompanied by the LWO, was discussing his upcoming United States Championship match at Crown Jewel. The segment took a turn when Carlito interrupted, accusing Santos Escobar of enabling Logan Paul's cheating in their match by leaving brass knuckles in the ring.

This accusation led to an enraged Escobar storming off, followed by Rey and Zelina Vega.

Lashley's Dominant Victory

The first match saw Lashley showcasing his dominance over Carlito, utilizing his sheer strength and skill.

The match's dynamics changed when Montez Ford interfered, leading to an all-out brawl involving the LWO and the Street Profits. In the chaos, Lashley seized the opportunity to secure a victory. Post-match, the tension escalated when Lashley and the Profits continued their assault on Carlito, with Santos notably refusing to assist.

Rey Mysterio's attempt to intervene with a steel chair sparked a heated altercation between him and Escobar, culminating in Escobar attacking Rey and leaving him incapacitated. In another segment, Bayley, alongside IYO SKY, Kairi Sane, and Dakota Kai, addressed the crowd, asserting their strategy's success at Crown Jewel.

A surprising moment unfolded when Bayley aired footage of her previous attack on Kairi, leading to a moment of reconciliation within Damage CTRL. This was shortly disrupted by Bianca Belair's entrance, challenging Damage CTRL and setting up a tag team match.

The ensuing match was a showcase of athleticism and rivalry, with each competitor pushing their limits. However, the match took an unexpected turn when Asuka, initially aligned with Belair and Charlotte, shockingly betrayed her teammates.

Asuka's actions, including a mist attack on Belair and assaulting Charlotte, led to her joining forces with Damage CTRL, further intensifying the group's imposing presence in WWE. This episode of SmackDown not only delivered in terms of action but also set the stage for evolving storylines and rivalries, promising an equally exciting continuation in the weeks to come.

As the WWE universe anticipates the next developments, the wrestlers' alliances and enmities seem more unpredictable than ever.