Kevin Owens Suspended from WWE SmackDown

Friday night's SmackDown took an unexpected turn when...

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Owens Suspended from WWE SmackDown
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WWE's SmackDown witnessed a dramatic turn of events as Kevin Owens, substituting for Corey Graves on commentary, was suspended following an altercation with fellow wrestlers. Graves, who was away celebrating the birth of his child with wife Carmella, left a vacancy that Owens filled, albeit temporarily.

The night's tension escalated when Grayson Waller and Austin Theory antagonized Owens, culminating in them throwing a water bottle at Kevin Patrick. Owens, unable to restrain himself, retaliated physically against both men.

This action breached the specific condition set by general manager Nick Aldis, who had stipulated that Owens must not engage physically with any competitors while on commentary duty. Despite Owens' defense of his actions as a response to provocation, Aldis stood firm on his decision, leading to Owens' suspension from SmackDown for an indefinite period.

Owens, though accepting the decision, expressed his discontent, remarking on the severity of the punishment. In another shocking development on SmackDown, Santos Escobar betrayed Rey Mysterio, marking a night filled with unexpected twists.

This betrayal came after Carlito highlighted Escobar's involvement in Logan Paul's victory over Mysterio for the United States Title. The night also saw Bobby Lashley defeat Carlito in a singles match, further intensifying the drama.

Adding to the night's surprises, Asuka, in a stunning turn of events, attacked Bianca Belair with blue mist, aligning herself with Damage CTRL. This betrayal led to the disqualification of the main event match, leaving fans in awe of the night's unfolding events.

SmackDown's Dramatic Showdowns

In other matches, Dragon Lee triumphed over Cedric Alexander, and LA Knight gained momentum by defeating Grayson Waller after a heated verbal exchange. As SmackDown continues to deliver riveting and unexpected storylines, fans eagerly anticipate the next developments.

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