Dana White on Brock Lesnar Being Done with MMA

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Dana White on Brock Lesnar Being Done with MMA

Over the years, a few MMA stars and legends have hopped over to the world of professional wrestling. Of course, only a few of them made it to the top. The only professional wrestler to win the UFC heavyweight title is Brock Lesnar.

So far, no original professional wrestler has won a big UFC title belt. Many wrestlers have seen some amount of success in the world of MMA, but none have reached as far as Brock Lesnar. For a long time, fans thought that they would see Brock Lesnar vs.

Daniel Cormier. The fight would have been for the UFC Heavyweight title. Of course, that fight never happened and Brock Lesnar is a part-time WWE wrestler. He is one of the highest paid WWE wrestlers in the current roster even though he rarely wrestles.

On TMZ sports, Dana White, the current UFC President, confirmed that Brock Lesnar is indeed done with the UFC and MMA in general. He simply received a better offer from the WWE and decided to go ahead with it. MMA is a brutal sport and is it understandable why Lesnar quit.

"He's done," White stated. "He's made his decision. I don't know where he is in that other world. I know he was looking at doing a new deal with Vince [McMahon] to stay with WWE. I've always had a good relationship with Brock. We've always dealt really well with each other."