Robert Stone Unveils the Challenges of WWE Commentary


Robert Stone Unveils the Challenges of WWE Commentary
Robert Stone Unveils the Challenges of WWE Commentary © WWE/YouTube

WWE NXT's multifaceted star, Robert Stone, has proven his versatility extends beyond managing Von Wagner. Starting 2023, Stone added commentary duties for "NXT Level Up" to his repertoire, a challenge he recently discussed on "Notsam Wrestling." Emphasizing the complexity of this role, Stone shattered the misconception that commentary is a simple task of speaking over matches.

"It's incredibly challenging to do commentary correctly. You're simultaneously promoting two athletes, narrating the match, weaving in narratives from other events, and more. It's a multifaceted role that requires keen insight and quick thinking," Stone remarked.

His stint as a commentator is part of a broader journey in WWE, where he's constantly embraced new opportunities to expand his skills. In anticipation of his return to the ring against Bron Breakker at Night Two of Halloween Havoc, Stone reflected on his journey in WWE.

He expressed gratitude for the training and resources available at the WWE Performance Center, highlighting it as an incubator for talent development.

Performance Center: A Talent Crucible

"Everything you need to succeed is at the Performance Center.

It's about honing your craft in every aspect of this industry," Stone added. His perspective echoes a sentiment prevalent among WWE professionals – the Performance Center is a crucial element in shaping well-rounded WWE talents.

Furthermore, WWE insider and commentator Roberts shared insights into the Performance Center's strategy of experimenting with various stars in commentary roles. This approach underscores WWE's commitment to nurturing versatile talent capable of thriving in multiple roles.

As WWE continues to evolve, the emphasis on diversifying skills among its stars becomes increasingly apparent. Stone's journey from manager to commentator and wrestler exemplifies this new era in sports entertainment, where adaptability and versatility are key. His experiences offer a glimpse into the dynamic and challenging world of WWE, where learning and growth are constant.