WWE's Blessing: Celebrating a Veteran

Exploring the enduring legacy of a WWE commentary icon.

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Blessing: Celebrating a Veteran
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In a recent episode of Sportskeeda's "The Wrestling Time Machine," hosted by Mac Davis, WWE's seasoned commentator Michael Cole received high praise from Hall of Fame journalist Bill Apter. Cole, a familiar voice on RAW and SmackDown, has been a cornerstone of World Wrestling Entertainment for over a quarter-century, narrating some of the most iconic moments in the company's history.

Apter reminisced about his first encounter with Cole, emphasizing the commentator's diverse skill set. "Michael isn't just a broadcaster," Apter noted. "Years ago, when I was working on a pilot show, he was one of the producers.

His involvement in producing a significant portion of WWE's content showcases his creativity and intelligence. WWE is fortunate to have had him for so many years. He's truly exceptional." Cole's journey in WWE began as a backstage correspondent before he transitioned to the commentary team.

His dedication and reliability are evident, as he has rarely missed TV tapings, solidifying his status as one of WWE's most dependable figures. Teddy Long, another WWE Hall of Famer, echoed Apter's sentiments on the same show.

Long described Cole as a "great guy" and commended his low-key, yet super nice personality, especially in the face of social media criticism.

Michael Cole's Versatile Impact

Cole's current role sees him teaming up with other prominent commentators like Corey Graves and Wade Barrett, continuing to be a vital part of WWE's broadcasting team.

In addition to his commentary duties, Cole's behind-the-scenes work as a producer has been instrumental in shaping WWE's narrative and presentation. His ability to juggle multiple roles with finesse and his commitment to the company highlight his invaluable contribution to the world of professional wrestling.

As WWE continues to evolve, Michael Cole's legacy as a versatile and dedicated professional remains a testament to his passion for the sport and the entertainment industry. His impact extends beyond the commentary booth, influencing various aspects of WWE's production and content creation.