Mandy Rose Reflects on Final WWE Bout


Mandy Rose Reflects on Final WWE Bout
Mandy Rose Reflects on Final WWE Bout © Fanmio/YouTube

In a recent heartfelt interview on "Busted Open Radio," Mandy Rose shared her emotional journey during her final days with WWE, culminating in her last match on the December 13, 2022 episode of "NXT." Rose, who sensed her WWE tenure was nearing its end, humorously yet poignantly described the mixed emotions she experienced as she prepared to relinquish her "WWE NXT" Women's Championship to Roxanne Perez.

"It was a crazy day, filled with so many mixed feelings," Rose recounted. Known for her resilience and humor, especially in challenging times, she joked with her colleagues about the impending change. "I was kind of making jokes about it.

I think that's my sense of humor, a trait I got from my dad. Despite the uncomfortable situation and the media frenzy, I kept making light-hearted comments like, 'This is it, girls. We've had fun.' But deep down, I had this gut feeling." Despite the bittersweet nature of the event, Rose expressed excitement and pride in passing the championship to Perez, a colleague she had grown close to during their time in "NXT." Following their title match, Rose received a standing ovation from the audience, a moment she described as a significant validation of her journey and hard work in the wrestling world.

"I've always strived to earn respect and prove that I belong here," Rose stated. "That moment, receiving the audience's appreciation, was when I truly felt, 'Wow. I've worked hard, and regardless of what's happening now, it's been an incredible journey.'


Mandy Rose's Enduring Legacy

Rose's departure from WWE marks the end of a significant chapter in her career. However, her impact on the wrestling community and her role in elevating the "NXT" brand remain undeniable. As the industry continues to evolve, Rose's legacy as a dedicated and charismatic performer will undoubtedly inspire future generations of wrestlers.

This development in Rose's career is a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling, where new stars are continually emerging, and veterans pass on their legacy, contributing to the rich tapestry of the sport.

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