WWE Surpasses AEW in Live Audience Figures, Early November 2023


WWE Surpasses AEW in Live Audience Figures, Early November 2023
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In the ever-competitive world of professional wrestling, attendance numbers reflect fan enthusiasm and serve as a crucial indicator of a promotion's market dominance. Recent data from WrestleTix presents an intriguing picture of the current landscape, with WWE maintaining a lead over AEW in live audience figures for the second week of November 2023.

WWE's SmackDown event in Columbus, Ohio, at the Nationwide Arena, led the charge with an impressive attendance of 7,805 fans. This figure places SmackDown at the pinnacle of the week's wrestling events and highlights the show's significant fan following.

The vibrant energy of the Ohio crowd was palpable as they eagerly gathered to see their beloved WWE superstars in action.

Raw's Impressive Pennsylvania Show

Not far behind, WWE Raw, hosted at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, drew a considerable crowd of 7,308.

Raw's strong performance in Pennsylvania is a testament to its status as WWE's flagship program and its sustained appeal among wrestling enthusiasts. On the AEW side, Dynamite's event at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon, recorded an attendance 4,413.

Although this number trails behind WWE's figures, it underscores AEW's growing influence and capacity to attract a loyal fan base. AEW's reach is expanding, and the Portland event exemplifies this momentum. Additionally, AEW Collision in Oakland, California, at the Oakland Arena, witnessed an attendance of 4,274, reflecting the dedication of AEW's fans in California.

These numbers from both WWE and AEW events offer a snapshot of wrestling fans' current preferences and enthusiasm. As 2023 draws to a close, these attendance figures provide a glimpse into the competitive dynamics between WWE and AEW and set the stage for the upcoming year.

With both promotions vying for the attention of wrestling fans nationwide, it remains to be seen whether these trends will persist into the new year. The enduring popularity of WWE and the rising momentum of AEW in different regions indicate a vibrant and evolving wrestling entertainment landscape.

As the year ends, fans and industry observers will be keenly watching to see how these trends evolve and what new developments in 2024 might bring to the world of professional wrestling.