Ford Emphasizes WrestleMania Card Significance

WWE's Montez Ford, Bianca Belair Tackle WrestleMania Dreams Together.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ford Emphasizes WrestleMania Card Significance
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Montez Ford, one-half of the dynamic WWE tag team 'The Street Profits,' recently sat down with "Busted Open Radio" to discuss the gravitas of WrestleMania and its portrayal in his reality TV series with wife Bianca Belair, "Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez." The episode, aired on November 10, captured Ford's passion for the sport and the significance of the industry's biggest event.

"WrestleMania isn't just an event; it's the zenith of a wrestler's career," Ford expressed with evident enthusiasm. "Every athlete in WWE, regardless of whether they're battling on 'Raw,' 'SmackDown,' or 'NXT,' aspires to compete on this grand stage – it's more than just a goal; it's a dream.

And it's not just any dream. WrestleMania is a global phenomenon that cements legacies and showcases the sheer talent and dedication of WWE's finest. That's the journey viewers will witness on our show."

Tag Team Power Couple

The conversation then shifted to the unique challenges and pathways Ford and Belair navigate as a married couple in the wrestling world.

Ford, known for his aerial acrobatics and charismatic presence in the ring, represents one-half of a celebrated tag team. At the same time, Belair, as a singles competitor, has made a formidable impact in the women's division.

"Our approaches to earning a spot at WrestleMania may differ due to our respective divisions, but our commitment and determination are the same," Ford noted, highlighting the couple's behind-the-scenes efforts and strategy discussions depicted on their series.

In a triumphant recount of WrestleMania's recent history, Ford reminisced about his and Angelo Dawkins' impressive victory at the previous event. The duo emerged victorious over notable teams such as Alpha Academy, The Viking Raiders, and a team comprised of Braun Strowman and Ricochet.

Meanwhile, Belair's prowess as a singles competitor was equally showcased as she defended her title successfully against Asuka at WrestleMania 39. Ford also commented on the current landscape of the WWE Women's division, where IYO SKY has risen as the new titleholder, with her last defense against Belair at Crown Jewel, setting the stage for intriguing future matchups.

This narrative, rich with personal and professional stakes, not only enhances the allure of WrestleMania but also amplifies the intrigue surrounding "Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez." The series promises to provide an intimate look at the lives of two of WWE's most electrifying performers inside and outside the ring as they strive for glory on the Road to WrestleMania.

With the couple's story unfolding on national television, Ford's insights provide a compelling glimpse into the ambition and resilience required to excel in professional wrestling.

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