Latest Update on Serena Deeb's AEW Status

Serena Deeb's AEW Saga Takes a Promising Turn

by Noman Rasool
Latest Update on Serena Deeb's AEW Status
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In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Serena Deeb's journey has been a subject of intrigue and speculation. Once a dominant presence in AEW's women's division, Deeb's path took an unexpected turn following her last match in October 2022.

While initially out of action due to an undisclosed injury, rumors surfaced about an alleged dispute with AEW management that further complicated her status. Deeb, a seasoned wrestler, held the NWA Women's World Championship before becoming a fixture in the race for the AEW and ROH Women's Titles.

Her absence from the ring since October last year raised questions, with reports in September suggesting she was striving for medical clearance. However, sources within AEW hinted at a different story, indicating a heated argument with management in late 2022 over her portrayal in the company.

It was alleged that Deeb expressed her concerns disrespectfully, particularly regarding the handling of her match durations by AEW President Tony Khan. While AEW later clarified that no time had been cut from her matches, the situation remained clouded with ambiguity.

Reconciliation in Progress

Despite these challenges, recent developments hint at a positive shift. Fightful Select reports that Deeb has been increasingly present at "AEW Collision" tapings, marking a significant step towards reconciliation.

This presence, coupled with sightings of Deeb backstage earlier, suggests a potential thawing in relations – her first involvement with AEW in 2023. Deeb's last in-ring appearance was on the now-defunct "AEW Dark: Elevation" YouTube show, where she triumphed over Haley J.

Her final televised appearance came on October 5, 2022, in an "AEW Dynamite" episode, teaming with Jamie Hayter and Penelope Ford. The wrestling community eagerly anticipates Deeb's return, hoping her in-ring prowess and intense character work will again enrich AEW's women's division.

Her situation reflects the complexities of professional wrestling, where behind-the-scenes dynamics often influence the on-screen action. As Deeb reportedly mends fences with AEW management, fans and insiders alike are keen to see how her story unfolds, potentially leading to a much-awaited comeback.