Cody Rhodes Hints WWE Team's New Look


Cody Rhodes Hints WWE Team's New Look
Cody Rhodes Hints WWE Team's New Look © WWE/YouTube

In an exhilarating build-up to WWE's Survivor Series, the War Games match concept returns for a consecutive year, promising to captivate audiences with its high-octane action. The event, set to be held in Chicago, features eight of "Raw's" most prominent stars, pitting The Judgment Day against an alliance led by Cody Rhodes.

This showdown follows a year marked by intense rivalries, culminating in a climactic battle within the famed double-ring cage structure. Last year, The Bloodline triumphed in this very setup, setting a high bar for the upcoming clash.

Cody Rhodes, a central figure in the ongoing feud with The Judgment Day, is poised to lead his team, which includes the formidable talents of Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins. Rhodes, prominently featured in Survivor Series promotions, recently shed light on his attire for the event during an episode of "Gabby AF." While promotional materials depict him in camouflage face paint, Rhodes revealed that his outfit is in the capable hands of his long-time seamstress, Sandra Gray.

Rhodes' Unique Team Vision

Rhodes expressed his trust in Gray's creative direction, hinting at a possible thematic link to the promotional artwork. However, he remained non-committal about adopting the camo face paint, referencing past experiences that left him with a strong aversion to it.

Instead, he suggested a different approach for team unity, stating, "I'd like to see our team do something cohesive, that would be fun – even if it's in our own way."

As Survivor Series approaches, Rhodes acknowledged the need for his team to solidify their strategy.

Their rivals, The Judgment Day, have already established themselves as a dominant and well-coordinated unit. The recent episode of "Raw" added another layer to the narrative, with Drew McIntyre's heel turn and his apparent alignment with The Judgment Day, fueling rumors of a potential fifth member joining each team for the War Games match.

This development has intensified anticipation for the event, as fans eagerly speculate on the final team compositions and strategies. The Survivor Series, known for its unexpected twists and high-stakes drama, is set to deliver another memorable chapter in WWE history, showcasing the pinnacle of sports entertainment.

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