Kevin Nash Critiques 'Brutal' Battle Royals in WWE Hall Of Fame Insight

Exploring the Intricacies of WWE Match Planning Techniques

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Nash Critiques 'Brutal' Battle Royals in WWE Hall Of Fame Insight
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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently shared intriguing behind-the-scenes details about battle royals and Royal Rumble matches on his "Kliq This" podcast. Nash, known for his dominant presence in the ring, reflected on a memorable Royal Rumble match in Providence where he famously eliminated numerous opponents.

He described a methodical planning process, revealing that a blackboard outlined each wrestler's entry and eliminations, a strategy that led to his remarkable performance. Nash also recounted his return to WWE, highlighting a specific Royal Rumble where Roman Reigns was set to triumph.

He expressed his reservations about the match's layout, orchestrated by an agent he chose not to name. According to Nash, the agent's plan didn't fully consider Reigns' signature spear move, which requires a clear path for execution.

This oversight, Nash implied, could have hindered the fluidity and impact of Reigns' performance.

Nash and Reigns' Ring Strategy

The wrestling veteran then delved into a moment from the 2014 Royal Rumble match involving Reigns, now the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

Nash shared how he subtly communicated with Reigns during the match, a technique known as "giving the iggy," to adjust their in-ring strategy. This improvisation was necessary, Nash explained, due to the initial plan not fully accommodating Reigns' fighting style.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Kevin Nash, with his extensive experience in the ring, highlighted his hesitancy to openly criticize the match's layout during his brief return to WWE. This reticence stemmed from his understanding of the delicate balance required in the wrestling world, where every element is meticulously planned and executed.

Nash's insights reveal the intricate choreography and strategic planning that go into crafting high-stakes WWE matches. These events are not just physical contests but also carefully orchestrated performances that require precise timing and coordination.

Nash's revelations offer a rare glimpse into the meticulous planning behind WWE's battle royals and Royal Rumble matches, highlighting the balance between predetermined strategies and in-the-moment adaptability. His perspective, as a seasoned wrestler and a respected figure in the industry, adds depth to our understanding of the intricacies involved in professional wrestling's storytelling and execution.

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