Orange Cassidy Credits WWE Hall of Famer for Inspiring His Signature Moves

AEW Champion's Unique Journey Influenced by Wrestling Legend

by Noman Rasool
Orange Cassidy Credits WWE Hall of Famer for Inspiring His Signature Moves
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In a recent revelation on the Under The Ring Podcast, All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) International Champion Orange Cassidy shared intriguing insights about his interactions with WWE Hall of Famer Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. Cassidy, known for his unique in-ring persona and charismatic style, credited Roberts for his significant influence and guidance in refining his character.

Jake Roberts, a legendary figure in professional wrestling, has been a part of AEW since his debut in March 2020. He has transitioned into a special advisor role, contributing to AEW's community outreach initiatives. Cassidy highlighted the unique aspects of Roberts' approach, emphasizing his distinct manner of speaking and movement in the ring.

He humorously recounted an incident involving Lance Archer, another AEW talent, who wasn't pleased about the advice Roberts was giving Cassidy.

Roberts' Enduring Impact

Cassidy also praised Roberts' continued impact in AEW, noting his ability to deliver impactful promos in mere seconds.

He described Roberts as one of the most underrated wrestlers in the industry, underscoring the lasting influence of his work. In related news, WWE veteran Tommy Dreamer recently expressed high praise for Orange Cassidy on Busted Open.

Dreamer placed Cassidy in the same echelon as Bryan Danielson, formerly known as Daniel Bryan in WWE. Dreamer commended Cassidy for his exceptional performances and his ability to sustain his character over time. He specifically mentioned Cassidy's unique "lazy, falling-asleep elbow" move, highlighting it as an example of Cassidy's creative approach to wrestling.

Dreamer's comments reflect a broader recognition of Cassidy's role in AEW. His unconventional style and consistent delivery have not only entertained fans but also earned him a place among the top talents in the wrestling world.

Cassidy's evolution from an enigmatic character to a prominent star in AEW underscores the dynamic and evolving nature of professional wrestling, where talent and creativity often lead to unexpected and thrilling paths to success.

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