Tyson Kidd Reflects on Winning Bret Hart's Approval"


Tyson Kidd Reflects on Winning Bret Hart's Approval"
Tyson Kidd Reflects on Winning Bret Hart's Approval" © WWE/Twitter

In professional wrestling, where legacy and skill intertwine, Tyson Kidd's journey stands out, particularly in how he earned the respect of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. This tale of dedication and acute observation begins in 1996 when Kidd, then a budding wrestler, started training at Bret Hart's residence.

Here, Kidd's keen eye for detail won over "The Hitman." During a recent interview on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Kidd recounted a pivotal moment that solidified his place in Hart's good graces. Hart presented Kidd and Teddy Hart with a challenge: to discern why he didn't employ the Sharpshooter in the 1993 King of the Ring tournament.

While Teddy Hart hastily suggested it was due to a worked knee injury, Kidd astutely observed that the real reason was an attack on Bret's fingers, preventing the proper execution of the Sharpshooter. This insight impressed Hart, especially considering Kidd was only 16 then.

"He was like, 'How did you catch that?' And that's when Bret realized I pay attention to the nuances," Kidd shared. This encounter began a mentorship that would shape Kidd's career.

Kidd's Impactful Legacy

Kidd's ability to focus on the minutiae of wrestling earned him Bret Hart's respect and became a hallmark of his own wrestling style.

Today, as a producer for WWE, he imparts this attention to detail to the new generation of wrestlers. His knack for refining in-ring performances and enhancing storytelling through subtle elements has garnered acclaim from current WWE superstars.

Moreover, Kidd's influence extends beyond the ring. His marriage to Natalya, Bret Hart's niece, signifies a deeper integration into the family, blending personal and professional realms. This union further emphasizes Kidd's commitment to wrestling as a familial bond and a professional pursuit.

As Kidd continues to shape the future of WWE behind the scenes, his journey from a detail-oriented teenager to a respected producer demonstrates the importance of observation and dedication in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

Kidd's story is not just about earning the approval of a legend; it's a testament to the power of meticulous attention in crafting a successful wrestling career.

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